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     When I was a young man, the Spirit whispered to me on one occasion saying "Jim Custer, you are wasting your life" With that reprimand, I began an intensive forty-five year study of the scriptures writing many essays of what I learned. I eventually had ten children to care and provide for working as an engineer. One day I was reviewing the essays and felt an impression to write a couple of books. I denied that feeling thinking it was simply a manifestation of pride. Finally, however, the Lord spoke to me again in a mildly scolding voice saying, "I'm telling you one more time, get those books published." I responded by publishing "The Unspeakable Gift."

     I have since compiled eight other books. I strive to implement the principles in my own life. I have no desire for recognition nor a following of any kind. I invite everyone who reads these books to seek their own witness of the principles.


Fictional Novels

The following books are fictional novels which portray gospel principles in action.


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